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World Class Metal Roofing Systems

As one of Africa’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of world-class metal roof sheeting, Safintra produces a range of branded profiles which is quality assured on both profiling and material.

All profiles are complemented by a range of roofing flashings for standard and customised applications.

In addition, Safintra provides the Fixtite range of quality fasteners and a range of polycarbonate sheet products for natural lighting.

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Roof & Wall Cladding
IBR, Corrugated and Versatile | Saflok® | Newlok®

Flashings & Closures
Pierced Fix Flashings | Concealed Fix Flashings

Material Information
Zincal | COLORPLUS® | Rheinzink®

Specialist products
Fixtite     |    S5    | Cleardek Polycarbonate Sheeting    | Ashgrid overroofing system    | Sisalation

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    Safintra Mozambique, uma das principais produtoras de chapas metálicas para telhados em Moçambique, usadas em habitações, comércio ou indústria, temse destacado dos seus concorrentes.Colocando no mercado produtos de qualidade reconhecida como Trimflute (telhados e revestimento), Tufdek (telhados) e perfis inovadores…
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  • Steel performs in African coastal conditions
    Steel performs in African coastal conditions The use of aluminium-zinc coated steel as a practical cladding material is gaining popularity along the coast of Africa. Bounded by three oceans and the Mediterranean Sea, Africa has a vast coastline of 26 000km.…
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